Big News! Here Are the NFThistory Holiday Contest Winners

A Recap of the NFThistory Contest Rules and Prizes

  • Prize: A date of your own choosing between December 1st and January 6th
  • Dates: The quiz started on 22.12.2021 and ended on 07.01.2022.
  • Number of Winners: 15 winners were selected to receive an NFT of their choosing (out of the 100 with the best scores); we also recently announced that the remaining 85 with the best scores would receive $20 USD worth of HSY tokens.
  1. Provide Testnet Feedback = 50 points
  2. Follow our Twitter account = 30 points
  3. Join the NFThistory Group on Telegram = 30 points
  4. Join the NFThistory Announcement Group on Telegram = 30 points
  5. Retweet our Twitter post about the contest = 50 points
  6. Tweet this on Twitter and tag 3 friends = 50 points
  7. Refer 5 Friends for Extra Entries = 25 points
  8. Follow Ground Zero on Twitter = 20 points
  9. Join Ground Zero — The Source Telegram Group = 20 points
  10. Provide Your Ethereum Wallet Address = 40 points

Our Private Sale Is Live

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