Big News! Here Are the NFThistory Holiday Contest Winners

Hello NFThistorians! We hope you’re doing well.

We’re back again with yet another huge announcement. The NFThistory holiday contest ended on the 7th of January, and we now have the list of winners for you. Thank you for all your support during the contest and testnet launch.

Without further ado, let’s make the announcement. Our list of winners for the contest can be found here: NFTHistory Holidays Contest

Were you one of the winners? Search for your Ethereum wallet address to see if you’re on the list.

Forgot what the prizes were? Read below.

A Recap of the NFThistory Contest Rules and Prizes

We ran the contest through GiveLab, asking the community to complete tasks for points. Those with the most points were most likely to win the prize.

Here are the most important details of the contest:

  • Prize: A date of your own choosing between December 1st and January 6th
  • Dates: The quiz started on 22.12.2021 and ended on 07.01.2022.
  • Number of Winners: 15 winners were selected to receive an NFT of their choosing (out of the 100 with the best scores); we also recently announced that the remaining 85 with the best scores would receive $20 USD worth of HSY tokens.

The way you could core points is the following:

  1. Provide Testnet Feedback = 50 points
  2. Follow our Twitter account = 30 points
  3. Join the NFThistory Group on Telegram = 30 points
  4. Join the NFThistory Announcement Group on Telegram = 30 points
  5. Retweet our Twitter post about the contest = 50 points
  6. Tweet this on Twitter and tag 3 friends = 50 points
  7. Refer 5 Friends for Extra Entries = 25 points
  8. Follow Ground Zero on Twitter = 20 points
  9. Join Ground Zero — The Source Telegram Group = 20 points
  10. Provide Your Ethereum Wallet Address = 40 points

Certain dates may be restricted. If that’s the case, and you won a prize, we’ll kindly ask you to select another date.

If you wish to read up a bit more on the contest, you can read the contest announcement article.

We congratulate all the lucky winners! Here’s the link to the list again:

Important NOTE: NFTs will be distributed to the 15 winners once the platform is live.

Our Private Sale Is Live

The NFThistory fundraising round began on the 10th of January. See our announcement for details.

To participate in the NFThistory token sale, contact us via one of the following channels:

You can also fill out our interest form:

About NFThistory

NFThistory is the world’s first platform for acquiring and transferring ownership of historic moments using blockchain. From the landing on the moon to the birth of Bitcoin, you can own, buy and sell any date and moment in human history on NFThistory’s platform.

If you wish to stay up to date with our project you can visit our:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium




World’s first platform for acquiring and transferring ownership of historic moments using blockchain

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World’s first platform for acquiring and transferring ownership of historic moments using blockchain

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