Win a Custom NFT! The NFThistory Holiday Contest Is Here

3 min readDec 22, 2021
Want a free NFT? Then compete in our NFThistory holiday contest.

Hello NFThistorians!

We hope you’re well and enjoying yourselves during this holiday. This time of year is always special. It’s a time to laugh and reminisce with friends and family, to give and be grateful.

At NFThistory, we want to celebrate the holidays with our amazing community — you all. So, we’re hosting a contest where you could win an NFT.

Excited? Get all the details below:

GiveLab campaign link:

UPDATE! Our testnet is now live. See here: So, we’re adding a task to this contest: ‘Provide Testnet Feedback’. This will be worth a lot of points, so be sure to do it. It will increase your chances of winning an NFT!

The NFThistory Holiday Contest: All You Need to Know!

Starting on December 22, 2021, we will hold our Holiday Contest and it will last for 16 days, through January 7, 2022.

Like last time, we’ll be doing a GiveLab campaign. You’ll be asked to perform certain tasks to earn points. The more points you earn, the more likely you are to win an NFT.

If you have any questions, join our Telegram group. Our admins there can answer any questions about the contest.

GiveLab Campaign link:

Now, the tasks of this campaign and their respective points are the following:

  1. Provide Testnet Feedback = 50 points
  2. Follow our Twitter account = 30 points
  3. Join the NFThistory Group on Telegram = 30 points
  4. Join the NFThistory Announcement Group on Telegram = 30 points
  5. Retweet our Twitter post about the contest = 50 points
  6. Tweet this on Twitter and tag 3 friends = 50 points
  7. Refer 5 Friends for Extra Entries = 25 points
  8. Follow Ground Zero on Twitter = 20 points
  9. Join Ground Zero — The Source Telegram Group = 20 points
  10. Provide Your Ethereum WalletAddress = 40 points

IMPORTANT! You can provide any EVM compatible address. Just be sure to provide your address. We have to send HSY tokens to test the platform, as the contract is deployed on Ropsten Testnet.

Your point total in the contest depends on how many tasks you perform:

  • The 100 contestants with the best scores will be eligible for prizes.
  • 15 winners will be randomly selected from those 100 finalists. Those 15 will get the NFT date that they initially chose.

Again, the prize for the NFThistory Christmas Contest is that you get an NFT of a date of your choosing. Note there are a few parameters:

  • The date needs to be selected within the time frame of December 1 to January 6. The date must be in the past (for example, you could choose December 22, 2000 — the first winter solstice in the new millennium).
  • Certain dates may be restricted. If that’s the case, and you win a prize, we’ll simply ask you to select another date.
  • NFTs will be distributed to the 15 winners once the platform is live.

MORE GOOD NEWS! We’re getting close to launch the NFThistory testnet. We’ll add another step involving the testnet and add more prizes to this contest to celebrate the launch.

The link for the GiveLab campaign is over here:

We wish you good luck!

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