What is NFThistory, and Why Should It Matter to You?

What does NFT stand for?

How do you create NFTs?

  • Sign into your crypto wallet (or create one).
  • Connect your wallet with an online service for minting NFTs.
  • Upload your digital art, imagery or information.
  • Pay gas fees if the NFT is on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Sign the action and the token should land in your wallet.

What we’re doing at NFThistory

NFTs are a powerful tool to preserve history and give value to dates and moments in time (image source).
  • The Battle of Waterloo in 1815 won’t occur again.
  • A human will never land on the moon for the first time again.
  • Bitcoin will never be invented again.

How NFThistory works

Some more rules and details on the NFThistory platform

  • You’ll need HSY tokens to buy dates.
  • You can’t buy future dates.
  • The first date that can be bought is Jan 1st 2900 BC, and the last date is whatever day it is at the time of purchase.

Why should NFThistory matter to you?



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