Tokenomics of NFThistory

  • Angel round: Tokens available for early adopters. It is subject to 18-months vesting.
  • Seed round: This investment will fund development and preliminary activities to support the launch of the project. These tokens are subject to a 9-month vesting period.
  • Private round: The round focuses on strategic partners and advisors that bring value to development by promoting and engaging into the NFT ecosystem.
  • IDO: This allocation will be distributed through IDO platforms. There is no vesting rule for tokens acquired during this period.
  • Team — 18%: Tokens granted to the team are locked for 12 months, and then released linearly over 1 year.
  • Advisors, partners, influencers — 9%. Tokens granted to advisors are locked for 12 months.
  • Promotion, incentives, community — 9% This badge of tokens is for incentivization programs, bug bounty, airdrops and other activities.
  • Treasury — 30%
  • Liquidity — 5%
Token metrics of
  • Treasury fund. At the token generation event, 5 million HSY tokens will be put in the Treasury fund. After a month cliff, we unlock 2% of the total fund.
  • HSY token acquired from selling dates. Dates that users buy and the fee (2%) originating from the transactions on the marketplace.
  • 20% (~$600k) Dex liquidity
  • 30% Software, Tech developments
  • 20% Marketing and community growth — to build a strong base of users, and community for our products
  • 20% Operations — to make sure the project runs smoothly and sustainably
  • 5% Integration — exchanges and other technology stacks
  • 5% Reserve — to provide support or solutions to any efforts



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