The Value of Owning Something Unique Like Historical NFTs

How much would you pay for the only Mona Lisa NFT? (source)

But first, what is value?

This child may not paint like Picasso yet. But his mother and father probably value his painting greatly, as if it were a Picasso piece. (source)
  • The amount of labor needed to produce it.
  • The utility of the artwork (or good or service).
  • The personal value of the artwork (e.g., parents see their child’s artwork as irreplaceable)
  • Scarcity and uniqueness of the artwork, product or service (more on this below).

Supply and demand with NFTs

This Bored Ape NFT is one of its kind. As you can see, lots of people are interested in it. Demand far exceeds supply, which is partially why price has been driven up to nearly $1 million USD. (source)

The uniqueness of moments in time

Gravity will only be discovered once. Imagine owning that historical moment as an NFT! (Source)
  • the founding of one’s country
  • the arrival of one’s ancestors in their hometown
  • the fall of the Berlin Wall
  • the publishing of the Crypto Anarchist Manifesto
  • The birth of Buddha, founder of one of the world’s major religions
  • The day Isaac Newton discovered gravity
  • The end of World War I

NFThistory’s uniqueness in the NFT market

NFThistory is the world’s first platform for buying, selling and owning historic moments using blockchain.



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World’s first platform for acquiring and transferring ownership of historic moments using blockchain