Contest Announcement! Win an NFT & NFThistory Tokens Today

Want to win an NFT?

Anyone can buy a house or a car. But how about being the owner of something truly unique?

We created NFThistory to make it possible to own, sell and buy dates. To celebrate the upcoming platform launch, and reward our early supporters, we’re hosting a promo contest — and you’ll have the chance to win an NFT.

For the contest, we’ll be doing a campaign through GiveLab and a quiz through Google Forms. Below, we’ll go over details.

If you have any questions about the NFThistory promo contest, join our Telegram group to chat with the team:

NFThistory Quiz


Here are the details on NFThistory’s quiz competition:

  • Prize: Win an NFT of your birthdate!
  • Start date and time: 19.11.2021, 3:30 pm CET
  • End date and time: 05.12.2021, 11:59 pm CET

25 winners will be announced within 3 days after the end of the quiz.

Here are the NFThistory quiz rules:

To be eligible for the prize, you need to answer all 10 questions correctly. The questions are about NFT history and some general NFT knowledge. The answers can be found on the website and/or through Google search. For this quiz, you only get 1 attempt!

Make sure to correctly fill in your birth date and wallet address at the bottom of this quiz. NFTHistory is not responsible for any problems that arise if you enter the wrong information.

Winners are randomly picked from those that answer all questions correctly. If there are multiple winners with the same date, then the first picked winner will have priority and the other winner(s) will be allowed to pick a new date.

Winners will be announced through NFTHistory’s social media accounts. Winners will receive their prize after the NFTHistory platform is live.

Here’s a sneak peek at the first question…

You have to answer all questions right to win an NFT of your birthdate.

NFThistory Promo Campaign on GiveLab

GiveLab campaign link:

This is NFThistory’s community contest event. Here are the details:

  • Prize pool: 25,000 $HSY
  • Date: 19th November — 5th December
  • # of Winners: 500
  • 100 winners: 70 tokens
  • 400 winners: 45 tokens

Please follow the instructions. If you have any questions, join our Telegram group.

About NFThistory

NFThistory is the world’s first platform for acquiring and transferring ownership of historic moments using blockchain. From the landing on the moon to the birth of Bitcoin, you can own, buy and sell any date and moment in human history on NFThistory’s platform.

To learn more about the project, read through our website: Also, stay tuned to our Medium articles and social channels.

Good luck with the GiveLab campaign and Forms quiz! We hope you win an NFT and some $HSY tokens.




World’s first platform for acquiring and transferring ownership of historic moments using blockchain

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World’s first platform for acquiring and transferring ownership of historic moments using blockchain

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